Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pets on Quilts 2013

It's that time of year!

I have waited for a whole year, largely because I missed the deadline last year.

Thanks to the hubby, we have two quilt testers in our house.  They've both grown to compete over who gets final approval.  Most of the time the cat wins.  (She is currently Cyclopean again and will be visiting our vet again tomorrow...third eye scratch/injury this summer.)

dog and cat

Here is a picture of our dog winning at the quilt game.  We mostly refer to him as Stinky.  (He was skunked the first time I ever visited my husband's home in the woods.)  He also answers to SMOOSHBEAST!!!

Smiley dog

I'm not really a dog person, but one of my main motivations to win the lottery is to clone this dog.  He is part Muppet.  He is my "dog on quilt" entry.

Vi (aka The Kraken aka Peanut) is often angry, and, much like a teenager, skimpy in her signs of approval.
Cosmic Burst/Precious

Quilt back and Kraken

All quilts will be snuggled on....sometimes forcibly.  Nothing like an angry cat snuggle to make your day more special.

*blows a kiss to y'all*  I'm trying to get back in the blogging habit.  I'll be around again once my classroom is clean.  I've got some more quilt tops done and some completed pattern testing!  Pictures coming soonish.  (and my bday is next week!)  Cross your fingers for me that this vet visit won't cost as much as the last one.