Saturday, July 7, 2018

My Proposed List Q3 2018

Nothing like a MAHOOSIVE list.  That's how I like 'em apparently.
Some are lacking pictures.  (Yes, I know, I am setting a bad example by not following the rules on those, but I'm not eligible for prizes, so please forgive the lack of pictures.)


1.  Violet Craft's Lion quilt (SLOWLY hand GLACIER paced)
Violet Craft lion

2.  Tula sampler block quilt, version 1 (top and back done)  Got batting.  Need to start.
Tula sampler

3.  Libs Elliott Embrace the Chaos  (top and back done)
embrace the chaos

4.  Garden Gate (partially quilted)

5.  Round robin Improv

6.  Milky Way Sampler, hosted by Blossom Heart Quilts  (top done and recipient chosen)
Milky Way quilt

7. AMQG BOM (designed by me!!!!), version 1, mini size

8.  Summer Solstice quilt (top pieced)  This thing is mahoooosive.  Back in progress.

9. Urbanologie BOM, hosted by The Intrepid Thread (quilted but not bound)
Urbanologie quilt

10.  Gnome quilt  (quilted but not bound)
Gnome quilt

11. AMQG BOM (designed by me!!!!), version 1, throw size

12.  AMQG BOM (designed by me!!!!), version 2, throw size

13.  Tula Sampler, V.2 Cotton and Steel
Tula block 1

14.  Small World
Small World

15.  Sushi Washi
sushi washi

16.  Octopus top
octopus top

17.  Cross Quilt improv
cross quilt start

18.  Patchwork City quilt
Patchwork city

19. Lawn tunic
lawn tunic

20.  Purple improv  (top done...need to quilt this one for delivery in July)
improv baby

21.  HST play  (top done)

22.  Single Girl quilt
freewheeling single girl

23.  Galaxy dress/washi
galaxy dress

24.  Wrap sweater

25.  Itty Bitty Broken star quilt
broken lonestar

26.  Tear Drop quilt

27.  Dr who shoes (need to resew one and elastic both)
dr who shoes

28.  Love scrap quilt
Love scrap quiltLove block

29.  Tula The Hood quilt (This one is my #quilttheweightoff quilt project)..It's, um, stalled, pending some much needed weight loss.
house quilt

30.  Aviatrix

31.  Green Tea and Sweet Beans  (need to do applique borders)
green tea and sweet beans

32.  Golden Days  (falling a bit behind)

33.  Squircle quilt

34.  Libs Elliott  The Weight of Love quilt (top done)

35.  Cactus quilt
cactus quilt

36.  Athena the Octopus quilt
Athena octo

37.  Forest Fancy quilt
fancy forest

38.  Art student tote
Art tote

39.  Cotton Ball quilt  (designed at Sisters)...kind of a secret...hoping to release a pattern

40.  Serenity Circle heart quilt

41.  Vinyl zipper pouches
vinyl pouches

42.  Hesperides pillow  (started at Sisters)
IMG_0294 (1)

43.  Project Linus quilt
economy blocks

44.  Glitter quilt (using the scrap pile)

45.  Pool Tote 1 (I cut it out intending it to be a Christmas present and then fizzled)
pool tote 1

46.  Epic Halloween quilt
Halloween quilt

47.  fairy/butterfly for MIL (it's been sandwiched, waiting to do reverse applique)
jersey quilt

48.  Triforce Throw

49.  Skater dress
skater dress

50.  Fussy Cut Sampler

51.  Skillbuilder quilt (with FMQ practice)

52.  Rosalie Dace word quilt

53.  Joe Cunningham improv quilt

54.  Cristy Fincher Almond Butter

55.  Mini for Guild swap

56.  knitting bags for class

57.  gifts for book group leaders

58.  badass quilt

59.  Smorgasboard quilt (still hand quilting)

60.  skirts (repair flamingo and make a new batch)


1.  manticore socks
Manticore socks

2.  Peacock mittens  (still on mitten #1)
Peacock mittens

3.  Scrap blanket
scrap blanket

4.  slip stitch socks
slipped stitch sock

5.  Katniss Socks
Katniss socks

Bucket List for 2018  (NOT INTENDED FOR THIS QUARTER'S FAL LIST, but the ADHD might kick in)

1.  Tula Tumbler quilt
Tula tumbler quilt

2.  Sujata Shah's Organized Chaos
Organized Chaos

3.  Sloth quilt
Sloth quilt

4.  Tula Future Garden quilt
Tula Future Flower garden

5.  Steampunk (I have one block cut)

6.  Tree quilt
tree quilt

7.  Fish quilt
fish quilt

8.  Unicorn Quilt
Unicorn quilt

9.  Desert Forest critters
Desert Critters

Sigh.  I tried to make a dent in some old WIPs.  Still have half the summer to do that.
I have plans to make end of July a back to school wardrobe push.
Good luck to all!  I'll be cheerleading with the other hosts!