Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013 Finish a Long list (aka WIP list of shame)

Actually, let me start out with the fact that I really don't feel ashamed about my list.
I know I'll knock out a chunk of it this year.
I also know I really want to start a bunch of new projects and slash my stash.

WIP List

1.  How Far Will You Go quilt--finish hand quilting it and bind it

HFWYG, top basted!

2.  Tula Skirt--I have to get over my fear of invisible zippers.  My last attempt was far from invisible.
Tula skirt

3.  Spider Skirt
Spider skirt

4.  Malka quilt  I have all the blocks from a bee sitting in a box.  I need to add a bit more before I have enough for a top.
Malka quilt

5.  Rainbow skill builder blocks quilt--Been sittin in a box.  Needs to be assembled for donation.
Skill Builder blocks

6.  Rolling pink/grey quilt--Blocks from a bee.  Some didn't come back/neither did the fabric.  (HATE THAT.)  I have to scrounge around to find bits left to finish the missing blocks.
Rolling Rock blocks

7.  Halloween spider web quilt--Will be made from Boo bee blocks.  I'm just waiting for them all to come back in.
Spinning Star, Dec.

8.  Scrap Vomit #1  The top is done.  I just got backing fabric today.
Scrap vomit quilt #1

9.  Scrap Vomit #2  I have the non diamond blocks.  I had to make 2 because of seam allowance issues from switching machines...yeah.  That's my story.  I'll still have enough blocks to make a third, but I won't do that for a while.
Scrap vomit quilt #2

10.  Superhero EPP pillow  This is almost done.  (And I finally re-found it.)
Superhero EPP cushion

11.  Scrap vomit pillow #1  I want matching pillows for my quilts.
Scrap Vomit pillow #1
12.  Scrap vomit pillow #2
Scrap vomit pillow #2

13.  Mystery Quilt (quilt/bind it)
My final block, MMRR

14.  Hexy MF--Mine is half way done (in terms of the flowers being sewn together.  Realistically, I know I won't get this done this quarter, but I need to keep it on the list so I keep working on it.)
Hexy MF, right side

15.  Project Linus monster quilt...pic coming.
Monster project linus quilt
16.  Black, White, and Color quilt--I'm waiting for 6 more blocks to come in, but I think I have enough to make a quilt now.  I'm REALLY excited about this one.  It's from multiple rounds of multiple bees.)
Black, white, color quilt

17.  Postage Stamp quilt (needs binding)...really this not being done is just sheer laziness on my part.  I even have the binding made...just need to find it again.
Postage Stamp quilt

18.  Converging Corners..I'm least excited about this one, as it takes longer to do than I thought it would.
Converging start

19.  Project Linus yellow monkey quilt--Again...sheer laziness.  The pattern is really simple.  I've set a personal goal to donate more quilts to Project Linus this year than I did last year.
Project Linus#1

20.  Bag out of extra block...I have an idea.  Just have to carry it out.

Suzannah block extra

21.  Christmas Bunting  (Twas meant to go with my mom's tree skirt.  I'm getting a jump on next year and practicing my curves.)
Bunting (I'm behind)

22.  String quilt (started at Sewing Summit)..I now have enough scraps to make a quilt.  Again, this may be a longer term project.
string blocks

23.  Project using up Star block (started at Sewing Summit)
(sorry for the crap photo)..Again.  I have an idea.paper piecing star

24.  Mini quilt (started at Sewing Summit)...I have also the pieces for the blocks living in a pouch, but I have to re-find the directions.
blocks from Sewing Summit

25.  Madrona Road challenge..I know what I'm doing...and it's a secret til it's done.
Madrona project

26.  80's block (project idea in my head)...aiming to get this one done this week.
80s block

27.  Repair Pirate's apron.  (One strip is too short....note to self:  I AM SHORT.  THE PIRATE IS NOT.)
Pirate in Apron

28.  AMH belt...I've had all these pieces since before Sewing Summit.  It's a quick finish..just haven't felt like working on it.
AMH belt

29.  Mom's Lila Tueller quilt..this thing is ginormous.  (It covers my queen sized bed.)  I joined a Craftsy class to figure out how to quilt this on my small machine.)  It's living in the closet right now.  Again, not too excited about this one.  It's more my mom's style than mine and it ginormous...
Mom's quilt Pics coming

30.  khaki, burgundy Project Linus quilt...I think I have all the blocks..simple again.
Burgundy/Khaki Project Linus

31.  Blue squares Project Linus Quilt..I inherited this one and really need to assemble the top.
Blue Project Linus

32.  HST Project Linus Quilt..ditto to #31.
HST project Linus

33.  Green Journal

Green Journal

While I know I can't get it all done in one quarter, I'm aiming for as many finishes from this list as possible.  (I've also got 3x6 and 4x5 and a couple other of bees worth of blocks.)  I'll have a do.good stitches quilt pieces coming in...and a couple of QALs.

Oh...and an original class play that will require copious amounts of sewing and painting, as it has characters in it ranging from Big Bird to Captain Hook.  I still have to cast that by Thursday.

Oh...and I have a long distance wedding to be planning.  We've got colors, a location for the ceremony, a location for the reception, menu ideas, an officiant, the save the date cards almost done, a dress (in need of fitting, but bought)....still have to do music, the invites, the tux, flowers (and non flowers bc of the wedding location)....um.  There's a lot.  So...um..yeah.
I'm going to go hyperventilate into a paper bag now.