Sunday, June 8, 2014

Some finishes...

which I'll share on IG.  Unfortunately, my macbook may have been fried when my power went off. It isn't reading the charger as being plugged in or charging.  It's going to the tech people tomorrow. pics until I have my computer back.

I finished Starlight #1 and my Penny Patch this weekend, as well as making a top/pattern testing for the ever so lovely Jess over at The Elven Garden.  I'll be giving that quilt to Wellspring Living as a guild quilt for their house.

Up this week:
finishing the 5 metal clasp clutches for a wedding.  I've got the linings done and the shells (all but one) assembled.  Tomorrow I'm trying to finish them and glue them in.

handquilting my Schnitzel & Boo swap quilt (and binding it)

working on some Tula blocks

Heal circle blocks

June blocks for my Gypsy Wife

There might be's out!  (Though I do have to do some tech training this week.)