Friday, July 6, 2012

Help me out, Chelsea!

I don't know if I'm still eligible, but I've got a quilt I've been stuck on for a while.
I'm hoping that maybe Chelsea will pick me and help me out of my rut.

pins & bobbins

See, I made this quilt MONTHS ago as part of a QAL.  (The Stained QAL run by Sarah over at Narcoleptic in a Cupboard.)
It is currently one of my all time favorite tops.  (Yes, I can say that, the other one I think may top it isn't actually done yet.)  It's sitting in a chair, unfinished.

It was, perhaps, the beginning of my love of fuschia and lime together.

Stained Quilt top, finish!

I think it's about 45 by 55 ish.  I just don't know how to quilt it,  and I'm terrified of ruining it.
I was thinking maybe bubbles in the pinks, following the diagonals in the ironwork, straightlines? I'm open.  I really just want something that will ADD to it, not take away from it.

Help me, Chelsea!

rolling, rolling, rolling...

I've got a huge "to do" list today.
Making minor headway.
I finished my first block for the Running with Scissors bee.

Running with Scissors block for amyinuk

I did two triangle blocks for Shanna.

Sew Bee It Block June 2

Sew Bee it Block June 1

I got fabric to make a GIANT totebag out of this:

Star blossom done!

I'm more than a little in love with EPP.  Which is good because I have 4 corners of my quilt to do still.

I finished my July blocks for do.Good.stitches Heal circle:

Heal blocks July

My hands are tired and I think I'm done sewing for the day.  All the handsewing is taking a bit of toll on my hands.  I really wish I wasn't allergic to ibuprofen.  Blarg.
Happy weekend, y'all.

I still haven't picked a name for my machine.  I did like Festus...but he feels like he's got more of a Spanish/Italian vibe going on...I think.

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