Sunday, April 8, 2018

Q1 Finish-A-long Finishes!

So, this quarter was kind of a wash for me.  Life has been super stressful lately.

(Literally, I just got back from getting my blood pressure checked because it was too high last week.)
Finished the class play in February, which usually means I can get back to sewing, but I sprained my wrist back in January.  Totally glamorously.
As in, I didn't realize that my washer autodrained after a power outtage and tried to lift something sopping wet that I thought was lighters and dryer.  Result: strained a ligament.
Now I know and I poke the laundry for wetness before I try to take it out.  Sigh.
After a month in a brace and then a month of PT, I'm finally sewing again. good intentions to finish a ton of old UFOs didn't entirely get realized.  What did was largely due to me having sent out some quilts to be long-armed.

Ah well.   Maybe next quarter will be less eventful and more sewing-filled.

I can hope.

Anywho, I blogged my original list here.

Here's what I finished:

1.  Tula Butterfly Quilt (longarmed by The Cotton Farm)

Tula Butterfly

2. Meadow mini quilt

Meadow mini
3. baby quilt

baby quilt

4. Peru mini for me!

Peru mini  

5.  Nessie quilt

Nessie quilt

6.  Chocolatier BOM, hosted by Gen X quilters (longarmed by The Green Apricot Studio)


There would have been seven, but I ran out of binding for one more that's quilted.

I have a BIG old quilting backlog.  Let's see how big of a dent I can make on next quarter's list.  On an unrelated note, I have drunk the Jen Kingwell Koolaid.  I have a bunch of her designs in the works.