Tuesday, February 4, 2014

ALYOF Feb Goal

So, I need to finish this quilt.
By Sunday.

It's for a lovely friend who is getting some major surgery on Thursday.  (Sending healthy vibes his way; he's one of my favorite peeps.)
My husband and I are feeding his cats.

I want this be on his bed when he comes home to recuperate.

quilt for a friend

hand quilting

....And I decided to hand quilt. What the hell was I thinking?

I've used up most of my comma stash, but for a few bits.  So worth it for this gentle man.

Oh, and I have to sew three powerpuff costume mods tomorrow.  (didn't have a ball needle for knits)

Tired.  But I got the lighting board programmed today.  And I don't have strep.


Also, a peep of the Economy Block completed. Better pics of all the quilts coming post class play.

Economy Block finished

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