Monday, May 19, 2014

How time flies....

I did finish my May ALYOF goal...the red and purple beast is quilted and bound.

I delivered my orange Starburst to my friend who is retiring.  I got to teach a mini course with her and gifted it on the last day.  It is already being actively loved.

I'm knitting my 2nd brickless.
Working on my twist of the 2nd to last Crazy Twisted quilt to come my way.
Hurt my knee pin basting three quilts over the weekend.

Mostly trying to power through my evals.  I'm officially done with 4 out of 15.  So so slow going.
It's all I'll be doing tomorrow after school.

I'm trying to juggle all the usual end of school year meetings, paperwork, ipads, not to mention the actual work I still have to grade.

How come I feel like I'm living in a tornado?!   And why does my house look like one ran through it....

Sigh.  Looking forward to regrouping this summer and just sewing/clearing clutter/regrouping in general.

Right now I just want to eat all the chocolate/ice cream/carbs..which isn't helpful with my knee.