Friday, October 25, 2013

Oct ALYOF update...

Today is about my ALYOF update.
I finished my quilt.  Early even.

My October goal was to complete the Pixie Churn Dash quilt.  I blogged about it here.
Here is the completed quilt (prewash):

Improv Malka and Pixie Churn Dash

Sorry I haven't posted any new pics.  My head is hurty.  It feels like the head cold is trying to make headway into a full on sinus infection.  I'm trying to head it off at the pass, but it means I've been more scattered than normal this week.  I've not even sewed a couple of days!  I've had to do mental math (and I teach Math) on a calculator!

I have a stack of quilts I need to photograph.  While it's supposed to be cold this weekend, it's not supposed to rain.  I've got it on the list.  It's quite a list.

I'm WAY behind on my Penny Sampler.  I have to sew 2 paper pieced tea cups, penny blocks (21), and start assembly.  Ah, and redo an applique block that is too light.
I still have 2 scrap quilts to pinbaste, quilt, and bind.
Oh, and October Heal circle blocks to do.
Oh, and a quilt (or 2) to pick for the Bloggers Quilt Festival.
....and a machine to dismantle and try to fix. I mention the parent conferences for which I have to prep and the journal I have to grade.  Time machine (preferably a Tardis) anyone?

Tonight, though, I'm going to do sew EPP and watch Dr. Who.  (I've already napped and eaten Chinese food.)  Hubs has promised Mexican hot chocolate.

I *did* finish my wonky star baby quilt.  It's a combo of hand quilting with perle and some hand ties.  I haven't washed it yet.  DEFINITELY going to use color catchers when I wash it.

So, updated FAL list finishes (will also serve as a "to photograph" list):
1.  Bess Top
2.  Divided Basket
4.  Sisters 10 quilt
5.  Wellspring quilt
8.  Wonky Star quilt
15.  Pixie Churn Dash quilt
16.  Meridian #1
20.  Improv Malka quilt

Score so far: 8/32