Thursday, September 22, 2011

not a lot to report today...

I'm still fighting whatever I've been fighting for almost 3 weeks now. I just feel congested.
Gave in and signed up for the Pretty Little Pouch Swap.
Chose my design (I think) for the Hoopla.
Handsewed about half of dad's quilt.
Went to the chiro. Finally got praised for not waiting until I was too tense to move.

On tap for tomorrow:
finishing dad's quilt and entering it into the Celebrate Color Sept listing
work on layout for Scrap Bag challenge, test a couple of ideas.
pin baste the Across the Sea QAL

get all the piecing/sewing done in the Scrap Bag challenge
Start grommetting.

Does this seem too ambitious?
I also have to grade a crapload of papers, do laundry, and all those sundry everyday life, non glorious things.