Monday, January 9, 2017

FAL, My List, Quarter 1, 2017

Those of you who already follow me know I'm the EXTREME list HUGE lists.
And I invariably get distracted by the shiny and end up making a bunch of stuff that wasn't even on my list.  (Squirrel!)

It's class play season, so I expect that to be the norm again.  I haven't designed the costumes yet, so I have no idea what I'll be sewing/knitting for the show in February.  Oh, for those of you who are new, I write, direct, produce, yada yada, a class play for about 30 kids a year.  I have about a month to pull it all together.  Then I collapse in a heap and eat bon bons.  (I wish.)

For the new folk, here's a quick low down on me:

I'm a teacher in Atlanta.  I live with a lovely husband, a slightly moth eaten looking tuxedo cat, and a super lovey now deaf cocker spaniel.

I'm more than a tad obsessive compulsive/ADHD.

I make quilts.  I pretend I don't sew garments, but I am still trying to learn. I have two patterns I tend to make A LOT.

I sew quilts for Hospice, on my own and with the Serenity Circle from do.good.stitches.  It's my way of honoring the legacy of my grandmother, who used to knit and sew for charity.

I tend to be addicted to quilt alongs.  Maybe some day I'll run one myself.

I'm a geek.  I love Doctor Who, Orphan Black, Dirk Gently, Star Trek (in all forms, old and new), and Star Wars (with a few of the new trilogy that I still refuse to make eye contact with).

Cotton and Steel is my spirit animal.  (You are bound to see a bunch of it in my quilts.)

Without further ado, the list of crazy.  A bunch of these are BOMs.  I know I can't likely finish them this quarter, but I want to keep them on my radar.  (The sad thing is this isn't my entire WIP list.)


1.  Violet Craft's Lion quilt (it's pin basted, awaiting hand quilting)
Violet Craft lion

2.  Tula sampler block quilt, version 1 (top almost done)
Tula sampler

3.  Round robin Improv  (top pieced)

4.  Milky Way Sampler, hosted by Blossom Heart Quilts
Milky Way quilt

5. Chocolatier BOM, hosted by Gen X quilters

6.  Slow Snail QAL, hosted by Gnome Angel
snail quilt

7.  Tula Sampler, V.2 Cotton and Steel
Tula block 1

8.  The Honey Pot Bee, hosted by Molli Sparkles
Honeypot bee quilt

9.  Do.Good.Quilt, Serenity Circle, slab quilt  (It's the Jan quilt for my circle.)
slab quilt6

10.  Timber Quilt (it's actually already a top)
Timber quilt

11.  Lloyd and Lola quilt
llama quilt

12.  Test Tank for Katie (cut)
test tank for Katie

13.  Hospice 1
Hospice 1

14.  Small World
Small World

15.  Maker's Tote (I got as far as cutting parts out and then fizzled on bag making)
maker's tote

16.  Pool Tote 1 (I cut it out intending it to be a Christmas present and then fizzled)
pool tote 1
17.  Pool Tote 2  (ditto)
pool tote 2

18.  Trail tote 1 (ditto)
trail tote

19.  Trail Tote 2 (ditto)
trail tote 2

20.  Smorgasboard quilt (awaiting hand quilting)
Smorgasboard quilt

21.  Framed quilt
framed quilt (from Stitched in Color)Framed block

22.  Project 48 quilt  (It's actually already a top.)
Project 48 quilt

23.  Sushi Washi  (Cut..I have to learn how to rethread my serger because I ran out of thread)
sushi washi

24.  Octopus top
octopus top

25.  Cross Quilt improv
cross quilt start

26.  Patchwork City quilt
Patchwork city

27.  Sprout mini quilt  (Patchwork from Scrap class)

28.  churn dash for hospice
churn dash for hospice

29.  cat head for dad
cathead start

30.  fairy/butterfly for MIL (it's been sandwiched, waiting to do reverse applique)
jersey quilt

31.  triangle skirt  (cut...awaiting the aforementioned serger rethread)
triangle skirt

32.  Purple improv
purple improv

33.  HST play

34. Tangential quilt

35.  Single Girl quilt
freewheeling single girl

36.  Meadow quilt
Meadow start

37.  Meadow mini quilt
frog block

38.  Project Linus quilt
economy blocks

39.  Galaxy dress/washi (see serger rethreading..I cut a bunch of these last time and ran out of thread)
galaxy dress

40.  Arrow skirt  (see serger note)

41.  Itty Bitty Broken star quilt
broken lonestar

42.  Tear Drop quilt

43.  Dr who shoes (need to resew one and elastic both)
dr who shoes

44.  Hospice 3
hospice 2

45.  Infinity Scarf Project
Infinity Scarf project

46.  Love scrap quilt
Love scrap quiltLove block

47.  Tula Pink Skull quilt (it's already a top as well)
sugar skull top

48.  Tula The Hood quilt (This one is my #quilttheweightoff quilt project)
house quilt

49.  Grocery bags (3) for Ginny
grocery bags



1.  manticore socks
Manticore socks

2.  Peacock mittens  (still on mitten #1)
Peacock mittens

3.  Scrap blanket
scrap blanket

4.  slip stitch socks
slipped stitch sock

5.  Pussy hats
Pussyhat project
pussy hat

6.  Katniss Socks
Katniss socks


1.  Tula Tumbler quilt
Tula tumbler quilt

2.  Tula Butterfly Quilt
Tula Butterfly

3.  Sujata Shah's Organized Chaos
Organized Chaos

4.  Forest Fancy quilt
fancy forest

5.  Sloth quilt
Sloth quilt

6.  Epic Halloween quilt
Halloween quilt

7.  Urbanologie BOM, hosted by The Intrepid Thread
Urbanologie BOM

8.  Tula Future Garden quilt
Tula Future Flower garden

9.  Aviatrix

10.  Steampunk (I have one block cut)

11.  Tree quilt
tree quilt

12.  Triforce Throw

13.  Fish quilt
fish quilt

14. Iris quilt
Iris quilt