Friday, April 3, 2015

April Goal ALYOF

For April,
I want to knock out my Heal circle Knee High quilt.

Knee High quilt top done!

I've got the top done, the supplies to make the back and binding.
I'm going to try to attack it over spring break, wash it and send it back to be delivered.
Doable, I hope!

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Quarter 1, FAL 2015 finishes...thus far...

I still have a few days grace and may use them to clear up some almost finishes, but I wanted to post up what is done and off my official list.

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

I started with a crazy big list (and Q2 is going to be bigger and crazier) for Quarter One.  (See insane list here.)

Here's what's done as of right now:

1.  Catvent (cotton and steel version)  progress made, not finished yet

2.  Hexy Diamond  added a bit, but still a long way to go

3.  Marcelle Medallion  untouched

4.  Gypsy Wife  untouched

5.  Moda Block Party  untouched

6.  Starbright 2  cut a bit more

7.  Meridian 2  untouched

8.  Tangential  waiting on a bloc loc ruler

9.  Little Bitty Broken Star  untouched

10.  Tear Drop quilt  untouched

11.  Heal Circle knee high sock quilt  top assembled, trying to finish before FAL deadline

12.  Doctor Who Embroidery Sampler  untouched

13.  Knitting bags (first 6)  DONE!!!

knitting bags, set 1

14.  Knitting bags (2nd 6)  DONE!!!

knitting bags, set 2

15.  Catvent (Lizzy House version)  pieces cut

16.  Placemats  trying to finish before deadline (at least 4)

17.  Modern Medallion  untouched

18.  Scrap monster 1  need to fix a bit of quilting and take pics

19.  Scrap monster 2  cut pieces

20.  #bitchesgetstitchesswap items   DONE!!!

#bitchesgetstitches swap

21.  plastic bag organizer  trying to finish before deadline

22.  Patchwork City Sampler  untouched

23.  flannel pj pants  trying to finish before deadline

24.  pillow cases, set 1  DONE!!!

pillow cases, set #1

25.  pillow cases, set 2  DONE!!!

pillowcases, set #2

26.  Rainbow quilt  DONE!!!!

rainbow quilt

27.  Halloween donut quilt  cut but not assembled

28.  Steampunk quilt  untouched

29.  knitting bags (set 3 of 6)  DONE!!!

knitting bags, set 3

30.  Hexy MF   DONE!!!

hexy mf

done:  8/30


1.  Brickless  DONE!!!


2.  peacock mittens  untouched

3.  Pixie Hat  DONE!!!

Pixie hat

4.  socks scraps blanket  progress made, it's a long termer

5.  felted shawl    progress made

6.  brickless 2  DONE!!!

brickless #2

7.  Reverse Psychology scarf  DONE!!!!

Reverse Psychology

8.  Hermoine socks  DONE!!!!

Hermoine socks

9.  In Season socks   DONE!!!

In season socks

10.  Queen of Beads socks   untouched

11.  Rogue Roses socks  untouched

12.  Fraggle squiggle socks  untouched

13.  Knetted socks   untouched

14.  Raven swirl socks  untouched

15.  Katniss socks  sock 1 partly done, made mistake need to rip back

16.  Jan mystery socks   DONE!!!

Hornet socks blocked

17.  Feb mystery socks  DONE!!!

Feb mystery socks

18.  March mystery socks  DONE!!

March mystery socks

19.  April mystery socks  started

20.  Ariadne sweater   untouched

21.  Tardis shawl  DONE!!!

tardis shawl
done:  10/21

linking up the 18 in this post, hoping for a few more before the deadline expires!