Saturday, May 30, 2015

May ALYOF goal done!

I finished my Catvent, cotton and steel version.  I think this one is going to live at work next year.

Catvent, cotton and steel

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

ALYOF May goal

I really just want to finish something.  I'm picking my Catvent mini in cotton and steel.  I'm thinking that next year, the space behind my desk is getting cleared and minis will decorate my half.

catvent top

Other projects I want to finish up in May but are not my ALYOF goals:

Hazel pillow
quilt Starjump 2
Fix my version of Jess's test.
Flannel pjs
Quilt sleeve for donation quilt
quilt sleeve for quilt show quilt
Death Star
Starburst 2 top assembled

linking up!

FAL finishes so far....

I've been plugging away.

First there was my spring break Staycation (which honestly involved a lot of napping and faffing around).

Then there was Stash Bash.  I actually didn't finish much there due to bad planning on my part.

That said, here are my finishes so far:

Knitting bags:

knitting bags

 Stash Bash Secret Swap:

bee bagpart of Stash Bash present

Betsy bag:

Betsy Bag

 Monster Pouches:

Monster pouches

#nerdscraftitbetter swap:


1 Hour basket:

1 hour basket

Heal Circle Knee high quilt:

knee high Heal Quilt

Hazel quilt:

Hazel quilt

 Plastic Bag Dispenser:

plastic bag dispenser

In progress:

Catvent (cotton and steel):
catvent top

Starbright 2:
Starbright progress

 Hazel pillow:
hazel top

 Death Star mini:
pics a secret still

Done, but still needs pics:

Guild challenge swap
Age of Brass and Steam 1
Age of Brass and Steam 2
Halloween Donut quilt