Sunday, October 5, 2014

Finish A Long, Quarter 4...what rolls over, what got added.

Well, to say that I have project ADHD would probably be an understatement.
I definitely suffer from "ooooo...shiny!" syndrome, also known as "SEW ALL THE QUILTS!" syndrome.  Sadly, there are not enough hours in the day to make all the things.

So, my list got longer.  A bit longer.  *cough* On it are a bunch of destined to be Christmas/holiday presents, as well as several swap items.

Here goes:

On the sewing front:
1.  Hexy the long armer
hexy mf

2.  Hexy Diamond...I've added a few more hexies.
Hexy diamond used for 4x5 mosaic

3.  Heal Quilt  (need to piece the back)
Heal Top

4.  Indian Blanket quilt (waiting on backing)
layout 2

5.  Emerge quilt (basting this weekend)
emerged, in progress

6.  Starbright 1
Starbright 1

7.  Starbright 2 (going with the purples...I think I'm adding yellows)
Starbright 2...purples

8.  Tangential quilt (this is the top edge)
part of the border, Tangential

9.  Sidekick bag for mom  (it's going to be blue on the inside, not orange)
Sidekick Tote suppliesSidekick lining

10.  Meridian 2

11.  #igmini quilt (I have plans for these)
igmini bits

12.  Liberated triangles quilt (have the back pieced)
Liberated Floating Wedges top

13.  Donut quilt
donut quilt

14.  silence journal
future silence journal

15.  Bitty Broken lonestar baby quilt
broken lonestar

16.  Tear drop quilt

17.  Marcelle Medallion
Marcelle progress

18.  Gypsy Wife quilt
Gypsy Wife

19.  Classic Acacia quilt
Classic meets modern QAL'

20.  Modern Acacia quilt
Classic meets modern QAL

21.  Doctor Who embroidery sampler (have barely made a dent)
Dr Who!

22.  Steam punk quilt

23.  Catvent quilt (my scrap bin is screaming to be used)

24.  Placemats

25.  Mini quilt for Guild Swap, no plan yet...batting from Guild
mini for guild swap, batting care of guild

26.  Towel set for mom/dad
towels for mom

27.  Towel set for inlaws
towels for inlaws

28.  Towel set for brother
towels for bro

29.  Towel set for me
towels for us

30.  Towel set for Trollop
towels for trollop

31.  Modern Medallion
Modern Medallion makings?

32.  New Dog bed for the doggy

On the knitting front:

1.  Peacock mittens, untouched from last time
Peacock mittens

2.  Sock scraps blanket, still in progress
sock yarn blankie

3.  Central Park hoodies, yup...untouched from last time
central park hoodie

4.  Blue sweater..I cast on the newest section
blue sweater

5.  Leaf sock...still can't find the pattern to knit the second sock
Leaf sock

6.  Scarf for my mom (twill be my first time knitting with steel)
scarf for mom

7.  Knitted Dalek (this will either be a #makeadalekmakeafriend swap item or a Christmas present)
future dalek

8.  Star Wars items
star wars bits

So, um...yeah.  An even 40.  If I finish 15, twill be an accomplishment.