Saturday, October 31, 2015

ALYOF October finish

I still have a post to write on the mini Stash Bash.

I had a blast, but it wasn't my most productive retreat.  I don't know if I was fighting an ick or just really overloaded with allergies, but my brain was fuzzy.  As a result, I was using the seam ripper as often as I was actually sewing.

I did, however, finish my Oct goal for ALYOF.

Secret sewing for Stash Bash mini

I'm am idiot...because it really didn't occur to me that my mini partner actually reads my blog...and she does.

So, I apologize, dear Katie, for kind of blowing the surprise factor.

I still have to finish my own Molly Market tote, but I finished the one I made for Katie.  I used the last of Star Wars stash.  (Which ended up being restocked by my mini Stash Bash partner.)

I wanted a bag that was useful and fun.  I hope I succeeded!

My sew jo has gone AWOL post mini bash.  I blame the announcement of a beloved house guest arriving in a coupe of weeks.  I've abandoned sewing for cleaning.  Just unearthing the guest bed alone has been an endeavor.  I'll probably keep the Nov ALYOF goal small as a result.

Other things I worked on at (or slightly before) the mini Stash Bash:


Green tea and sweet beans

Patchwork city

Raspberry kisses cat quilt

socks for mom

secret nautical sewing

Thread catcher

updating my done list from FAL...

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

FAL, Quarter Four, 2015

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

To be fair, a lot of is being carried over from last quarter's list.  Then I got bit by the SHINY bug and added a crapton more.  Yup, that's how I roll.  On the upside, the mini Stash Bash is in Oct, so maybe I'll knock some of it out.  I am well aware that most of the knitting goals, at least, will roll over into 2016.  I'm cool with that.

Sewing goals:

1.  #schnitzel&boo mini swap quilt
#schnitzelandbook mini

2.   secret swap items for mini Stash Bash
secret sewing

3. nautical secret sewing
nautical item

4.  Moda Modern building blocks will come back from the long armer soon and need to be bound.

Moda Modern Building Blocks

5.  Cushion cut quilt
Cushion Cut quilt

6.  skull top
sugar skull top

7.  Castle Wall mini
Castle Wall block

8.  Zelda quilt  (I'm a bad wife.  I have all the supplies and need to make this one for Christmas.)
Zelda quilt

9.  Aviatrix quilt  (going to do a scrap fabulous version)


10.  Tear Drop quilt

11.  Raspberry Kiss cat lady quilt
Raspberry Kiss Cat Lady

12.  Small world QAL

Small World QAL

13. catnap top
catnap top

14. hexy top

hexy top

15.  peacock top

peacock top

16. daisy dress

daisy dress

17.  Molly market tote
Molly market bag

18.  luna moth mini
Luna mini

19.  Catvent (Lizzy version)
catvent scraps

20.  Hexy Diamond
Hexy diamond used for 4x5 mosaic

21.  Turquoise/purple dress

dress #1

22.  Carolyn Friedlander collection quilt
Carolyn Collections quilt

23.  pink/turquoise mod dress

dress #3

24.  purple batik dress

Dress #4

25.  thread catchers

26.  silk top

Tunic #2

27.  burgundy top

Tunic #3

28.  Esme blouse

Esme blouse

29.  Steampunk quilt

30.  Meridian 2

31.  Tangential
part of the border, Tangential

32.  Doctor Who sampler
Dr Who!

33.  Patchwork City
patchwork city

34.  Cross quilt
cross quilt start

35.  Itty Bitty Broken Star
broken lonestar

36.  Modern Medallion

Modern Medallion

37.  AMH improv

AMH improv

38.  Flannel pj pants

pj pants

39.  Mystery Medallion quilt with Karie

mystery quilt with Karie

40.  Starbright 2
Starbright progress

41. navy/gold top

tunic #4

42. burgundy batik dress

dress #5

43.  bespoke dress

dress #6

  44.  Green Tea and Sweet Beans  sampler...going to bust scraps

Green beans & sweet beans

45.  Epic Sampler BOM quilt  (ditto on the scrap fabulous)

scraps for BOM

46.  sugar skull stripe top

sugar skull stripe top

47.  Backgammon top

backgammon top

48.  Cactus tunic
Cactus top

49.  pincushion swap for Guild
pincushion swap

50.  Alison Glass batik top

batik top

51.  Melody Miller top

Melody Miller top

52.  #droidquiltalong  (It's hosted by two lovely ladies from Guild.)

droid qal

Knitting goals:

1.  Socks scraps blanket
socks scraps blanket

2.  Felted shawl
felted shawl

3.  Supernatural KAL shawl

Supernatural KAL shawl

4. Cherry Blossom socks

cherry blossom sock

5.  Flesh and Stone socks
Atlantic Currents 2 (became May Mystery)

6.  Scary sock KAL 1
June mysteryScary sock KAL

7.  Rimmon anklets

July mystery socks

8.  rose city rollers

August mystery socks

9. Amelie's wallpaper socks
September  mystery socks

10.  Edisonade socks

11.  Katniss socks
Katniss socks

12.  Ariadne sweater
ariadne sweater supplies

13.  peacock mittens
Peacock mittens

14.  reverse psych 2
Reverse Psych 2

15.  Rogue roses socks

16.  queen of beads socks

17.  fraggle squiggle socks

18.  Knetted socks

19.  Raven swirl socks

20.  socks for mom

socks for mom

21.  Alluvial shawl


22. random shawl

socks for Karen

23.  rose city rollers

rose city rollers

24.  October mystery socks

Oct mystery sock

25.  November mystery socks

Nov mystery

26.  December mystery socks

Dec mystery

27.  Chevron glass socks

Chevron glas

28.  Talia's school socks

Talia's school sock

29.  Scary sock KAL 2
Scary Sock KAL 2

30.  Either or Neither shawl

either or neither shawl pattern

31.  extra socks

extra socks