Monday, September 30, 2013

FAL, Quarter 3

My list for the third quarter was overly ambitious (not that the 4th quarter list won't be even longer/insane).  To be honest, there are a few projects on there that just aren't floating my boat right now (wonky star quilt) but I'm keeping them on lists just because 1.  I need to keep tabs on how many UFOs I have and 2.  I might change my mind and like them again.

she can quilt

I blogged about my list here.

For the purposes of linking up, I'm only including pics here of finished UFOs.  Here's the current status of the projects listed:

1.  HST Project Linus quilt:  Not done yet.  Perhaps in the next day or so.

2.  Sewing Summit mini:  Done!
Sewing Summit Mini, Done!

3.  Tula skirt:  This is on hold until my weight stabilizes.  I don't want to sew up a skirt that I can't wear for very long.

4.  Halloween spider web quilt: Done!  Man, I love this quilt.  I have it hanging on a railing right now so I can pet it each time I walk by it.
Halloween Spiderweb done!

5.  Red/purple quilt:  Done!
Red/Purple quilt

6.  Hexy MF:  Blarg.  I still have to pull out all the papers and finish the last stages of applique.  My intention was to finish this one during Selfish Sewing week, but that week got shot to hell.  I have to finish this one and find some place to send it to get it long armed.  Suggestions still welcome.

7.  Mom's Quilt:  Done!  Yay!  I have one Christmas present done.
Mom's quilt, completed!

8.  Converging corners quilt:  I'll be honest.  This one falls solidly in the "not floating my boat" category.  I've made a couple of blocks, but they are fidgety and take lots of cutting...and frankly, I have other things I'd rather mess with.

9.  String block quilt:  Done.  And a major disappointment.  Seams popped.  I thought I could tie it but apparently the batting I used (which was a brand I don't usually use) was kind of crappy and needed far more tying than I did...and it shredded.  So, I've given it to the dog until he digs it apart and then it's going in the trash.
string block quilt finished!

10.  Scrappy Tripalong:  Done!  And I made two more postage stamp tops when I was on a roll.
Scrappy Tripalong

11.  Wonky Star quilt:  On hold.  In the Meh basket.

12.  Retro Rubies:  Ditto.  I have to be in a mood to sew curves.  And I haven't been.

13.  Pillow cases:  Done!  I just bought fabric to make one the octopi are upside down on mine.  (They turned out to both be left side of the bed pillowcases...Yes, I am OCD and I can't bear an upside octopus....or the cuff on the wrong side.  I've already been laughed at by the husband.)
Octopus pillow case (hubs' version)

14.  Orphan NY Beauty block:  Sitting in a pile of orphan blocks.  I have plans for them in the 4th quarter.

Seven, maybe 8 by the end of the deadline, finishes out of 14.  My worst record so far.  But I have plans to crank out many of the tops sitting in piles for the 4th quarter.  And I have all the bits I had planned for the Selfish Sewing Week to reschedule.  So, the next list will be EPIC.  Let's just hope it's not EPIC Fail.  *ahem*