Monday, September 12, 2011

Heading to the Carolinas...

To camp for 3 nights.
I'll be on duty with my students for 24 hrs for 4 days.
I am NOT an outdoorsy gal.
It's pretty look at and all, but I don't want to sleep in it. My skin is already a mess without mold allergies factored in.
I have chosen to live in major cities for most of my adult life.
My knees don't like hiking.
Again, I'm NOT an outdoorsy gal.
So...I'll be offline til Fri. I'll miss y'all.
I'm hoping some luscious packages come in my absence.

My poor kitty's bald spots on her feet bottoms are getting bigger.
Poor itchy girl.

How am I going to sleep without animals and the Pirate smooshing me?!

And no sewing for 4 days. I may go nutso.

I still have to finish the handsewn block for the school bee's due next week.
I think I'll be doing a LOT of sewing this weekend.
What with having to finish the backs for the Across the Sea QAL x2 and that block.
Plus dad's quilt.