Thursday, January 23, 2014

Blarg....just blarg.

Fun things that happened today:
1.  I had to explain Tina Turner to 6th graders.  (A colleague couldn't believe I forgot about the Thunderdome.)
2.  I'm choreographing "Proud Mary" as a dance number in Hades.  It's glorious.
3.  When told one of my favorite hams that she needed to "work it," she replied, "Oh, I'll work just need to tell me how far to work it."  Love her.
4.  There may be Tardis sound effects in the play now.  Also, got to share this:

I love that I have Whovians.
5.  I had french bread pizza and ice cream for dinner.

Not so fun:
1.  The two hours spent at the eye doctor.
2.  I have an infected duct in my left eyelid, and I have a minor infection in my right eye.
3.  It took an hour to drive home because of traffic.  (Should have been max 20 min.)
4.  I had to go to two different pharmacies to get the antibiotic eye goo.
5.  I have to use antibiotic eye goo.
6.  I still haven't ripped out all the paper from the feathers top.

That is all....