Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I just keep on sewing!

Lots of updates.

I have the do.good.stitches Heal circle quilt done.  It will be mailed out to be delivered to hospice by Friday.  There are some amazing ladies who contributed to this quilt.
It's a really happy looking quilt.  I hope it brings some peace to a family.


I made a green skirt.  It still needs to be hemmed.  Is it wrong that the reason I made it was so I had something to decorate for this two week installment of the Handstitched class?

It's not the best made piece, but I learned a lot, and I will be making more in the future!  Plus, I'll wear it to school anyway.

I'm still sewing hexy flowers.  Almost halfway there.

The Fiance's quilt is HUGE.  Twin sized.  I will be practicing my FMQ on it (with his permission since he knows it won't be perfection).  I have to baste it.  I have to figure where I can get enough floor space to do it.
(Edit:  The damn cat ate?/shredded the batting I bought for the fiance's quilt.  I'll have to get more tomorrow.  ARgh.  Cross your fingers that she doesn't get sick.)

I ironed on a TON of petals (and had 34 left over, apparently I can't count for crap) on the Soda Pop quilt.  I'm waiting on the backing fabric.  I had to reapply many of the petals after they started peeling off after my first 2 hours round of ironing.  I have no idea why.  I've never used Pellon Wonder Under before.  I ended up having to double the time and up the heat of the iron to its hottest setting.  I will be doing orange peel quilting on this because I'm semi terrified the petals will unstick again.  I love love love this quilt.
Petals applied

I quilted the Stained quilt.  Not my best work, but it has a home on the couch now.  And I love that I can use it instead of it languishing folded in a chair.

Stained Quilted!

Oh, the camera ate the pics of the tree quilt.  I'll try to redo those later.