Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Lovely Year of Finishes, Sept Goal.

I'm still playing catchup.  (Block updates coming tomorrow.)

However, I wanted to make sure I got my Sept ALYOF goal up and linked.

I'm taking The Penny Sampler class, taught by Rachel from Stitched in Color.
If you are ever thinking of taking an online class, hers are fabulous.  Lots of good technique instruction, cool projects...Nope, I'm got getting paid for this.  I just highly recommend her!

The first big project she posted was the Dogwood Blossom pattern, as a quilt or as a pillow.  I had a FQ stack of Notting Hill that I've been waiting to use.  So, I went all out on the whole quilt.  I've got the top:

dogwood blossom, in progress
and the back done:

dogwood blossom, backing
Hoping to baste it tomorrow.

So, my September goal is to finish it!
I will need to get some binding purchased in order to do that....hrm.
Other goals:  quilt mom's ginormous quilt (so I can give it to her for Xmas)
                   CATCH UP!!!! (on overdue projects and blocks)

There are a bajillion awesome quilt alongs right.  (I saw  Marcelle Medallion one is going up tomorrow, but I just need to get some s*** done.)

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