Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm not waking up to this:

I'm on a visit to my folks.  I miss a lot.  The Pirate, the Kraken, the dog...my sewing machine.
I'm knitting a lot.  I'll try to post a pic later.  (For some reason, I can't get any pictures to post from my flickr account...even though it says it is.)

Anyway, I didn't realize how used to animals I have become.  I keep waiting for a cat to appear in my peripheral vision.  No dice.  My mom had fostered/hospice cared my first cat, who died in November.  I think my dad wants a cat...he was like a schoolgirl when a random kitty let him pet it after it rolled in the big patch of catmint they have in their yard.  I don't think mom is as ready as he is.  So, I started hunting on petfinder.com.  And, I think I found another cat I'd love to have, but The Kraken is definitely a one cat cat.  I think.