Monday, December 31, 2012

Finish A Long--Final list

I had high hopes for this quarter.  However, between machine woes, getting sick, and travel, I didn't get as much done as I had hoped.

My original list was here.
2012 Finish-A-Long

So, here's the list and what got finished:

4th Quarter FAL

1.  Hexy MF
Progress was made, but I expect this one will get finished sometime in 2013.  I'm a slow hand sewer.  I have about half of the rows sewn all together.

2.  Pouch for Sewing Summit Swap

sewing summit swap pouch

3.  Pouch #1 and #2 for me
pouch for sewing summit Pouch for me!

4.  Travel Tool Case
Tula, sewing work pouch

5.  Green Skirt
Tula skirt

6.  Tula Skirt  (I learned I'm not great at invisible zippers...holding off on this one.)

7.  Spider Skirt  (ditto)

8. EPP cushion for Travelin' Pic blog
Spring Carnival pillow

9.  Quilt for my Aunt
quilt for my aunt

10.  Converging Corners (Still in a bag somewhere)

11.  Sew Intertwined
Sew Intertwined

12.  Quilt Mod Pop
Mod Pop quilted

13.  How Far Will You Go quilt  (Top complete, still hand quilting)

14.  Mouthy Stitches swap
Mouthy Stitches, front

15.  Heal circle Improv quilt
Heal Circle Quilt

16.  Malka Quilt--Tabled til 2013

17.  Journal Covers--I made a couple, but apparently only have a picture of one.

18.  Knit Cowl  (still hunting for a pic)

19.  Weekender bag--Gave up on that one.

20.  Scrap Vomit--Uh, so it would be done, see...but I switched machines and half the blocks are one size, and the other half are small.  So I'm going to have to make 2 in 2013.

21.  Coin Frame Purses

22.  Stockings  (half went to kids, half went to service people)

Stockings for Operation Christmas Stocking Stockings for kids!

23.  Superhero EPP--I can't find it.  It will get finished in 2013.

I'm going to count that as 14 out of 23.  Honestly, if I had chosen to power through (and I could find #23), I'd have three more done.  But I'm choosing mindless stitching today.  I've got cold #2 rolling in and a minor fever again.  Blech.  So, there it is.  I'll link up and add the knit cowl pic when I find it.

Here's my totals for the year:

1st quarter FAL: 6/8
2nd quarter FAL: 11 /14
3rd quarter FAL: 19/25
4th quarter FAL: 14/23



  1. Wow, 50 for the year is impressive, well done!

  2. Well done you, bloody brilliant!!!
    Get well soon xxx

  3. Oh my, 50 is huge! I set the bar so low with 4 this quarter and only got half way there. You should be patting yourself on the back big time. Lots of great project. Happy New Year

  4. Amazing! That is a lot accomplished!

  5. You got a ridiculous amount done - so impressed!

  6. i agree with darcy! your productivity is ridonkulous!!!