Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Seriously trying not to cry...

as the new machine's FMQ foot got grease on my first (and possibly only) FMQ'd quilt.  It's the biggest quilt I've ever quilted.  It's for The Pirate.
It's now on it's fourth trip through the wash.

I'm afraid to FMQ this grease a common problem?

Anyway, I'm linking up with Lily's Quilts

Lily's Quilts


Still in progress:
Hexy MF
binding needs to be sewn on boy Across the Sea
basted, but now too scared to quilt....Soda Pop
basted, will be hand sewing...Medallion

I'm supposed to be packing for a trip.  Inlaws.  My brother.  My parents.
But I really just want to cry.


  1. so sorry to hear about your quilt. I've never had any problem with my quilts when I quilt them. Really sad about your quilt....hope it comes clean!

  2. Oh, no! That's awful! It's never happened to me thankfully.
    I had this info saved from a website but HAVE NEVER TRIED IT!
    Set-in Grease Stains
    Once fabric or clothing have been washed and dried, greasy stains are more than likely set-in. Grease removing products aren't likely to work on set-in stains, but luckily, oil removes oil. Soften a greasy stain with WD-40, and work dishwashing liquid that contains degreaser into the stain. Wash the item as usual, and the set-in stain should be gone or much less visible than before.

    Not sure you would want to try that or not!
    Maybe contact a dry cleaner as see if they have a product that would work. Good luck.

  3. That's terrible! I've never had trouble with any grease from my feet - i suggest returning it and trying your new one on a sample before a real quilt.

    I'd try googling on removing oil and grease stains - I bet there are loads of different things to try out there!

  4. Oh no! :( I know that my father once oiled my machine for me, and got a little over enthusiastic, and I had to do quite a bit of sewing on scraps to make sure it was done leaking. I'd call the dealer you bought it from at the very least to see if there is some reason it's doing that. I hope you find a solution to getting the stain out-- there has to be someone in blogland that knows how to fix it!

  5. I got grease from a desk chair on a quilt my mom made. :( Let me know if you find something that takes it out. Sorry your first FMQ got grease on it.

  6. Oh man, I've never had that happen sorry :o( Do you have Vanish Oxy-Action there? Might be worth a shot...

  7. What a shame about the FMQ foot, I hope you find something to get rid of the grease. It looks like a lovely quilt.

  8. Gosh that is strange. Was the grease from the actual machine or something else? =D

  9. So sorry to hear about the grease on your quilt. That is awful! Let us know if you figure out a solution. Good luck!

  10. Oh dear, that would make me cry too! Hope you are successful getting it out. I notice a few marks on the white background of the quilt I just finished. Hope they come out, or you can pass me a hanky! Your mosaic looks great, I'm loving all your projects!

  11. So very sorry. I do hope it all comes out. For me I use nothing but Spray and Wash for all stains on everything. The kidlets make a huge mess of their clothes and it is rare that the S&W doesn't do the trick. Good luck.

  12. i have had constant problems with this too. i don't know what to do. either my walking foot isn't working or it is working and it is flicking black spots on my projects. i'm not sure what to do either!

  13. I know its been some time, but I thought I would check back and see if you ever got the grease out. I am sorry to say this used to happen to me more than you can imagine. I would soak in Oxyclean. I even used oxyclean on my great-grandmother's quilt that was handed down to me (with mold, water stains and mildew) and its been right as rain since I soaked and then washed it.