Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Semi-regrouped. mostly came out.
Per y'all's advice, I'm going to call the dealer and ask about the foot...but not until next week when the trip is over...certainly before I touch the Soda Pop with it.

I got some stuff photographed while I was waiting on the washer.

I finished (earlier) the first two blocks of the How Far Will You Go? QAL:

Suzannah blocks

I finished the center piece of the Sew Intertwined QAL block:

Sew Intertwined QAL

Yes, I have a bunch of Hope Valley and Denyse stashed...and I won some, so I'm breaking it out. I'm curious to see how alike/different the two quilts come out.

Anyway, the quilt is for The Pirate.  It was my first real FMQ'd quilt.  I guess the fact that it was for him, that I was using a boatload of bee blocks from multiple swaps just raised the commitment level a bit higher than I needed it to be....
add to that PMS...(I've been crying watching the Olympics and talking about the Olympics with a former student/current Zumba partner)...and add stress about flying.  I hate flying now...and my parents meeting his parents...blarg.  Too much stress.

Here's the quilt:

Fiance's quilt!

The spots aren't visible because they're on the left side.
I'm not sure FMQ will ever be my calling.

I finished a Final week project from Camp Thimble.  I haven't started handquilting the Medallion quilt, but today just didn't feel like a good day to do it.

Napkin set
There are six (as opposed to 8) because I ran out of ric rac.  These would totally be awesome baby burp clothes if they were backed in terry cloth.

Also, I need to put a major shout out to Rachael from Imaginegnats.  She sent me an amazing bundle of "scraps" (in reality BIG pieces) from my Improv throwdown with Allegory.  She sent more foxed from Outfoxed...which totally made my day because I had used up my bits.
I may not be able to take pics til I get back from the trip.  But, thank you, Rachael!


  1. Well yay for mostly out, and I'm sure when pirate uses it it'll get mucky anyway, and need to be washed again and again and then you'll never notice it :o) It looks great anyway!

    Good luck on your trip!

  2. Great looking Bee blocks! The quilt looks great with the FMQ, shame that the foot caused a problem as you did an awesome job! =D

  3. Ella, your sampler for the Pirate is gorgeous! Please don't give up on FMQ. There is so much you can do with it.
    Can't wait to see what you do with your dresden.

  4. I'm glad that it is mostly out - that is good news. Hopefully with a couple more washes it will come all the way out. Your dresden looks so amazing!

  5. Relax and enjoy the trip, as much as you can anyway. I'm sure everyone will get along just fine. Hugs.

  6. I'm not sure if you're still on your trip, but I hope everything's gone well with that! Thinking of you! Sorry you had such a stressful time, but the FMQ looks super fun! Fingers crossed for no more grease!

  7. i have a half yard bundle of hope valley and i want to make something with it sooo bad. but it is my precious, i can't do it yet. everytime i see your hope valley projects i think i am being silly... i should just go cut it up, and then i don't! ;)