Thursday, June 21, 2012

One would think I'd post more...

since I'm on a break.  Or that I'd be on track with all my projects.
Well, I reupped at Weightwatchers today.
And I Zumba'd with a slightly sadistic (not my usual) instructor yesterday. Wasn't a huge fan of her style...which involved threatening.
I have all my squares cut for my Soda Pop Raspberry Beret quilt.  Haven't started sewing it or cutting out petals yet.
I've been hand basting hexies for the Hexy MF.  I'm still waiting for some more fabric to come.
I'm 1/8 of the way done with my hand embroidered HSTs on my Medallion for Rachel's (Stitched in Color) Handstitching class.
I'm caught up on bee blocks for June.  They're actually the only photos I have to share right now.

New Bee on the block:
New Bee on the Block, June block

Heal Circle (do.good.stitches) June blocks:

Heal, June block Heal, June block/>

Neutral and Not block:

Neutral and Not, June block

The last one is really my favorite.  I'm going for a black/white/one color combo for my next Nubee.

I'm going back to embroidering...I'll post a pic of that tomorrow!


  1. These are terrific! Great job on the paper pieced stars. The Nubees block is really interesting - I love it!

  2. The blocks look great! Love the Nubee on the block! =D

  3. The blocks look great, but yeah, get to all that sewing missy, you haven't got time to be fighting with Zumba instructors, especially sadistic ones ;o)

  4. Wow gorgeous blocks! You're going to be busy for a while :o)

  5. Great blocks and as long as you are making progress, all is good.

  6. i LOVED meeting you this weekend! it was so much fun! xo

  7. Great blocks! I really like the two in the middle!