Sunday, June 17, 2012

More finishes!

Last night I got distracted from making the boxy bag and finished a really *cough* ugly *cough* table runner from Quilt Guild blocks.
It was weird and wouldn't lay flat.  So I washed it.  It's still not gorgeous, but it is, at least, mostly flat now.

table runner with cat

Even Kraken can't believe I made this.
I hurt my back quilting the crap out of this.

So, I finished three things this weekend.
Lawn #1 (from Happy Zombie's Lawn Chair quilt pattern over at the Moda Bakeshop).

Lawn #1, done!

I really like the Farmer's Wife block runner:

Farmer's Wife runner

I picked out my fabrics for the Camp Thimble quilt.  Tomorrow the embroidery bits of it begin!

Handstitched quilt fabric
Center Medallion

I've also started on my Hexy MF...which I already know I'm modifying.
I'm using this:

Hexy MF choices

and I'm doing the Soda Pop QAL with bits of this stack:

Fabrics for Soda Pop, pull 2

Gonna call it Raspberry Beret.

This should clear out 2 stacks.  But I still need to stash bust in a MAJOR way.
*cough* especially since my bday is in August and I'm pining after the new Lotta, Chicopee, and Tula's new line.  (not in that order...I'm DYING for the Tula).

I'm linking up to Pat Sloan's UFO bust,

Ellison Lane Quilts, QAL Local Honey Crafts .


Amanda said...

I really like Lawn #1...simple but fun looking.

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Wow, how busy will you be!?

Cindy said...

Ella.....I didn't know you were at AMQG meetings! I started the blocks for the runner but lost interest as I can't stand the fabric I received.

Jacey said...

So many great projects! Your medallion center looks lovely! I've got to get my last border on to get ready for the embroidery bits!

Katy Cameron said...

Holy crap that was a lot of work! Shuffles off to hide her 3 bag finishes from the weekend in shame...

Cherie said...

Will you be my personal fabric shopper?

The table runner doesn't look too bad and with plates etc over it you wont even notice =D

**nicke... said...

you always amaze me with how much you finish! xo

Jess @ Elven Garden Quilts said...

,Oh you're camp thimble project is going to be sah-weet I think that's my top three for August, too!

Michele said...

You're doing a lot of "coughing" lately. I don't know what kinds of medicine would help that but you'd better get some fast. :)