Tuesday, October 4, 2016

FAL finishes...kind of misplaced my sewjo

2016 FAL

So...I had an epic list.
I even posted it here.

I started...and then, frankly, the shiny got the better of me.
I joined the Tula sampler block thingie.
I started the Smorgasboard mystery quilt.

And I kind of lost momentum.

School started again.  Sucked out my energy.
I need to lose weight...and it's not coming off.
I've been a tad blue and tired.

I'm back on Whole 30 because of allergies....getting some bloodwork done this month.

So, even though I've gotten stuff done, I'm feeling meh.
I had my first migraine yesterday in a LONG LONG time.
I have projects all over the house and can't seem to finish them.
I'm now concentrating on finishing tops, but I'm not eager to quilt.
I can't afford to quilt them (more than one) by check.

Any advice is welcome.

So, here's what I finished:

Crossroads quilt:


StarLight, StarDark QAL:

starlight for L

Machine cover:

Machine cover

Knitting bags, set 1:

knit bags

Knitting bags, set 2:

knit bags 2

Medallion quilt:

Modern Medallion for Pulse

Hospice 1:

Hospice 1

Hospice 2:

Hospice 2

Hospice 3:

Hospice 3

Punk love:

punk love

Summer Solstice:

summer solstice

still needs a pic.

Linking up. Gonna just roll the old over to the next list and add some more to it.

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Katie said...

I know what you need -- a quilt / sewing weekend with your girls. I keep telling Chrissy I need to come to Atlanta and hijack a weekend of sewing with you guys. Your finishes that you did have are lovely and you did better than me this quarter -- I only had 4 and 2 were minis and a third was a wall hanging.