Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014 goals...FAL list

Finish Along 2014

So, my list continues. I'm expanding it to also include knitting projects.  I have both a bin of knitting shame AND a drawer of knitting shame.  They both need to be empty, sooner rather than later.  If some of the knitting doesn't get done, it's getting frogged.  Seriously.  I stopped knitting regularly in the early 2000s after the invasion of the carpet beetles.  (My cashmere yarn still lives in the freezer.)

The sewing/quilting list pretty much rolled over from 2013.

Quilting/sewing bits

1.  Hexy MF--I need to finish the applique on this one and get it sent off to a long armer.

Hexy MF

2.  Marcelle Medallion--I kind of petered out on this one.  I love the fabrics and need to come back to this one.

Marcelle progress

3.  Mad's quilt--There is a deadline on this one.  I need to pick a layout.

Mad's quilt

4.  Red/Purple quilt--layout in need of picking as well.

Purple/Red quilt

5.  Tear Drop quilt--Ok, Shanna knows this one.  It was the first bee I was ever in.  I have yet to finish the layout and piece it.  (The bee blocks are the colorway on the right.)


6.  Hexy Diamonds--my hand sewing project.  I need to add more and decide on a size.  It's actually bigger than this pic now.

Hexy diamon

7.  Converging Corners--One of my longer lived UFOs.  I think it should be a baby quilt.

Converging start

8.  Retro rubies--ditto on this one.

retro rubies, still in pieces

9.  Sidekick bag--I need to make me a bag again.

Sidekick Tote supplies

10.  Meridian #2--Just didn't get this one in under the wire.  I loved having my other one on my travels.  Will use this one as practice matching stripes again.

11.  Economy Block top...because I needed something new and shiny to add to the list.
Economy top

12.  Feathers QAL quilt...ditto.
Feathers A and B
Feathers C and D

Knitting Projects
Let me start off by saying that most of these go back to the early 2000s.

1.  Red Collar--this one is in need of repairs.  I think the moths got it before I even blocked it.  I need to find a color match and repair it.  It's made of gloriously soft alpaca.  I think I can fix it.

Red cowl--in need of repairs

2.  Mardi Gras scarf--I have to find the pattern.  I think this is only half the scarf.

mardi gras scarf

3.  Earthy Scarf--This one is mostly done.  I think I have to finish and three needle bind off the two lengths.  First, I need to find the pattern and see how to do that.

earthy scarf

4.  Peacock mittens.  I started these a few years ago.  (I know it was at least 2, probably more like 4 since it was another year I taught Ancient Greece.)

Peacock mittens

5.  Sherbet shawl---Again, have to find the pattern.  I don't think I was making this up as I go...

Sherbet shawl

6.  Pink Cinnabar and Spice sweater--this one has to be one of the older ones.  The bits are done.  I didn't (and still don't) know how to do the crocheted border.  Will figure this one out using youtube!

pink sweater

7.  Central Park Hoodie--one of my oldest UFOs.  Not even sure what size I was making.  May have to frog and start over.

central park hoodie

8.  Stripey sock---again, got to find pattern.  (Noticing a trend here?)  I have one sock done.  Not sure if there is enough yarn left for a 2nd.  Gonna try anyway.

stripey sock

9.  Purpley scarf--I need a scarf.  Smooshy.

purpley scarf

10.  Fingerless Gloves--one done, but missing its thumb.

fingerless gloves

11.  TuttiFrutti socks--almost one done.  Gotta find the pattern and make sock #2.

Brightey sock

12.  Pastel shawl...not sure what pattern I used for this one.

Pastel shawl

13.  Leaf sock.  I have one done.  I have to find the yarn and the pattern to make sock #2.

Leaf sock

14.  Pinky scarf--yup, gotta find the pattern, too.

Pinky scarf

15.  Green belt--have to find the hardware/buckle piece.

Green belt

16.  Baby stripes--I think it's mostly done, but it needs to be sewn and the neck needs to be finished.

Baby stripes

17.  Blue sweater--I think this was take #2.

blue sweater

18.  Icarus shawl---sadly, this one would have been done, but I ran out of hand-dyed yarn.  Um, yardage was NOT accurate.  So I need to find something I like enough to make the bottom edge.

Icarus shawl

19.  Yoda hat---started this one for a friend of the hub's little boy when he was born.  He's um...four, I think, now.

yoda hat

20.  Cable scarf---yeah, kept forgetting where I was.

cable scarf

21.  Black cardigan--I think the bits, all but the belt, are done.  Still not assembled.

black cardigan

22.  Sock scraps blanket--started this to use up leftover sock yarn bits.

sock yarn blankie

23.  Brown alpaca sweater.  All done but the assemblage and blocking.

brown alpaca sweater

Total number of current UFOs: 35

Sadly, I think there are still knitted projects lurking around the house.  Sigh.

I'll link up when Katy posts the new linky!


Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Bloddy hell woman!!!

Kathy S. said...

Wow! You have a huge list too. We're going to get through all of it this year!

Michele said...

That is a big list. Best wishes getting most if not all of them done this year.

Tiffany said...

Wow, that's a long list! Looking forward to finishing along with you.

mumasu said...

That's a big list, but to be fair I only posted 10 UFOs I do have several more and I didn't even look at the the unfinished knitting. Let this year be the year of the Finish!

Katy Cameron said...

Ha, good to see your knitting WIPs are keeping up with your fabric ones :oD Good luck!

Carla said...

I love all these WIP's. suddenly I don't feel so guilty : )

Yvonne Campbell said...

Wow, that's a fair amount of quilting. The knitting list seems long, but I don't know how to knit. So, I don't know the time it takes. Good luck!

Emily Carnes said...

wow!! do you always do blocking? can't wait to see the sweaters!!