Sunday, March 10, 2013


Ok.  So my parents are coming this week.
That's not the torture bit.

The torture bit is the fact that I had to clean out/clean up the guest bedroom.
See...that's my sewing storage place. felt the need to have a bed to sleep in when they get here.

So...I'm *still* cleaning it off.

That means I haven't gotten any crafting done, really....because I've been cleaning.  (I did get some pattern testing done for one that's being released shortly.)

I had to clean out a hall closet to clean out (*cough* hide *cough*) some of my stash.

And it was so torturous.  Not only do I HATE cleaning  (even at my most OCD, I don't like completely scrubbing it all away), it was like an attack of "oooo...shiny".  SO MANY PROJECTS.

I also got a migraine Sat night, thankfully after The Pirate's sushi bday dinner at Tomo.  I was not an affectionate fiance at that point because I needed absolutely darkness with no sound.  (That also meant I didn't Zumba today as I had the post-migraine wobblies.  Does anyone get that?)

I tried to console myself that next week will be all mine.  (I can sew after work....and re-mess up the room. Hopefully, I'll cross a few more dones off my FAL list...and make a delivery to Project Linus that is long overdue.)

The  other HUGE news is that I get to go to the Stash Bash.

So.  There's that.

And I apologize for the lack of pictures.


  1. I don't quite get the "wobbles" after a migraine, but I have a bit of a hangover feeling. Like there's a weird space in my head where the migraine used to be and I can still feel it, though it doesn't hurt anymore.

    Hope the cleaning goes okay!

  2. What is the Stash Bash? Hope your feeling better soon. Have fun with your parents.

  3. Oh the Stash Bash! I just saw Chris on Saturday. Sounds fun.

  4. I'll be there too! Looking forward to meeting you in person. Good luck with all the cleaning. I know how you feel, I need to clean too and haven't sewn in a while.

  5. Cleaning is the WORST, especially when you're cleaning up all the stuff you want to be working on. Hope you have a fun time with your parents though! Plus think about all the sewing you'll get done at Stash Bash :-)

  6. Blinking visitors that insist on having places to sleep, sooooo unreasonable ;o)

  7. I do sympathise about cleaning your guest room - it's the same here when anyone DARES to come to visit :-)