Tuesday, April 2, 2013

FAL Goals, Quarter 2

I'm going to keep my plan pretty much the same as last time.  I'm listing all the unfinished projects I've got.  I've got a boatload.  My first goal is clearing out my orphan blocks.  Which is fab because my future in-laws want shopping bags.  Woo!

So, here's my list, with pics.  My reality is that I probably won't get much more than the baby quilts done, as I'm supposed to prepping for a wedding this quarter!

1.  Must Dash quilt.  (It's sewn, just needs to be basted, quilted, and bound.)  (This is also my April Year of Lovely Finishes goal.)

Must Dash quilt for Guy

2.  Star block bag.  (I cut out the pieces last quarter it's just sitting there.)
paper piecing star

3.  Orbit quilt.  I have one row sewn together and all the pieces (I hope) cut out.  It's coming with me to the Stash Bash.
Orbit quilt

4.  HST Project Linus quilt
HST Project Linus top

5.  Bag #1
block for bag #1

6.  Bag #2
block for bag #2

7.  Bag #3
block for bag #3

8.  Bag #4
block for bag #4

9.  Bag #5
block for bag #5

10.  Bag #6
block for bag #6

11.  Bag #7
block for bag #7

12.  Bag #8
block for bag #8

13.  Bag #9
block for bag #9

14.  Bag #10
block for bag #12

15.  Bag #11
block for bag #13

16.  Bag #12

block for bag #14

17.  Sewing Summit Mini
Sewing Summit Mini

18.  Tula skirt
Tula skirt
19.  Halloween Spider Web  (still missing some blocks)
Halloween spider web, still in porgress

20.  Red and purple quilt  (still waiting for more blocks to come in)
red and purple quilt blocks

21.  Heal, March quilt (going to piece this at the Stash Bash)
Heal Circle, March quilt blocks

22.  Hexy MF  still trucking on this one, slowly, slowly
Hexy MF, right side

23.  Mom's GIANT quilt
Mom's quilt
24.  Converging Corners quilt
Converging start

25.  Bridesmaid Clutch #1 (can't show fabric til it's done)
Bridesmaid Clutch #1

26.  Bridesmaid Clutch #2 (can't show fabric til it's done)
Bridesmaid Clutch#2

27.  Best Woman Clutch (can't show fabric til it's done)
Best Woman Clutch

28.  Infinity Scarf  (on tap for Stash Bash)
Infinity scarf

29.  String blocks quilt  (I know I did one, but they just keep COMING.)
string blocks

30.  Scrappy Trip
Scrappy Tripalong

31.  Wonky Star baby quiltwonky star baby quilt

32. Secret 80s swap hoop

33.  Pouch for Stash Bash (currently in pieces on my coffee table)

Whew.  That's a lot.  I also got caught up on my Sisters 10 Modern BOM.

Sisters BOM
Sister BOM

And, I got 4 out of 5 blocks done for the 4x5:  One is missing.  I can't get the link to load.  LAME.

4x5 Hive #3 4x5 Hive #3 4x5 Hive #3


  1. "that's a lot"...!!! Understatement of the year award goes to Ella! Teehee. I'm sure you'll crank out a ton of it though - have fun at Stash Bash!

  2. OK, I think I might just put 'watching you' on my list, I won't have time for anything else! xxx

  3. Good luck with that, cunning plan to offload those orphaned blocks :oD

  4. Ella.....I'm just now reading your older posts and see that you are making something for your wedding.....now I feel stupid on what covert robin swap I sent you. I'm so sorry. I can send you one thing else.