Sunday, March 3, 2013

... And now some eye candy!

My perhaps proudest piece...I made a journal cover for my Weightwatchers Tracker.

Weightwatchers Tracker cover

AND I TRACKED ALL MY POINTS TODAY and didn't eat junk.
But....oh....I so wanted sugar.

I cut all the pieces out for my pattern test, but I was too wiped to start sewing it.

I tried to finish a paperpiecing block that I'm WAY late for.  (It was meant to be mailed by Feb.)  I suck at paper piecing.  Thankfully, her background is Kona white, because I'm going to have to cut more after I F-ed it up.

I finished my 3x6 Hive H blocks:

3x6 block, Hive H
3x6 block, Hive H
3x6 block, Hive H
3x6 block, Hive H
3x6 block, Hive H
3x6 block, Hive H

Other finishes I haven't posted pics for before:

My green journal
Green Journal Cover

the now fixed apron for Pirate
The Pirate in repaired Apron

(He can't take a picture without making goofy faces.)

My Hope Valley bag
Hope Valley bag

In progress:

The Malka quilt
Malka top and back

The Blue Project Linus quilt
Blue Project Linus quilt

Scrap Vomit #2
Scrap Vomit #2 top

The Black, White, and Color quilt top
Black, white, color quilt top and back

I really wish I had another 2 days off to quilt like a mad woman.

I'll try to post full pics of the quilt tops later this week....maybe even with a few of them actually quilted.  (Oh, and I finished the khaki and burgundy quilt, but I didn't take pics of it....or the spider skirt.)


  1. I mega heart the Malka Quilt. I totally need a bundle/layer cake/jelly roll/whatever of Simple Marks before all I can get is Simple Marks Spring.

  2. Finally, I was beginning to think the camera had got lost in the mess ;o) Great production line there!