Saturday, February 2, 2013

still here...

but madly working away on class play stuff.  Getting close to the end.  (Show in a week.)

Today The Pirate came with me to load in the set in the theatre.  Even working non stop, it still took almost 3 hours to attach the faces to the tower frames and wheel the thrones there.

I am still on the hunt for green tights to finish the piranha plant puppet.  (*sigh* still not done with that one)

I finished my Madrona Road challenge for the Guild.

I think I like it, but I'm not sure I'll keep it.

Madrona Star, close up

Madrona star

I haven't really been doing much other sewing...a bee block.

I'm still behind on a couple of those (which almost NEVER happens).
It's paper piecing, so I need to not have play mind (aka swiss cheese head).

I have a billion projects I want to start, but I really should be finishing things from my UFO list.
Must finishes in Feb from the list are the rainbow quilt, the monster quilt, the superman EPP.

I'm trying to wend my way through at least half or more of my FAL list.

I feel like I'm in slow mo.
Trying to get some exercise back on the regular, since I gained a bunch of the weight I lost back.  LAME, I know.  I went back to Weightwatchers on Thurs.  BACK ON TRACK, Y'ALL!  Even though I want to stress eat an entire bag of Reese's.



  1. You'll get your non swiss cheese brain back soon enough. I went through that recently too and thankfully things are returning back to normal. As for the new projects and the old ones, why don't you do what I see a lot of others doing...allow yourself to start one new one each time you finish an old one. That way you'll have the satisfaction of completing a UFO and the excitement of starting something brand new.

  2. You are so busy I don;t know how you get time to sew, exercise or breath! You are doing great xxx

  3. The mini looks fab, sorry to hear about the tights quest, if you'd given me a heads up last week I could have sent you some, there were loads on sale, won't make it in time now :o(

  4. i love this so much that it hurts! gorgeous and your quilting is perfection!!!