Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I'm still alive.  Not much sewing going on.

My sore throat is back (ironically NOT from yelling) and I have absolutely no energy.
The last strep throat visit, the doc brought up the possibility of an underlying case of mono.
I'm thinking it's time to get tested.  I'm not normally like a limp noodle and ready to sleep for hours at a time....even when I'm a stress bunny, I don't feel like this.


The Pirate is feeling better (he went down with a virus), the Co is recovering but not fully back, and I can actually hear most of the cast from the sound booth.

Still...limp noodle.  Not cool, peoples, not cool.


  1. I'm fighting similar crud. Perhaps it's a virus we picked up on-line ;-)

  2. No fun and so sorry for you. If the mono test comes back negative, have them check your thyroid levels. You'd be amazed at what a whacked up thyroid can do to you. Just ask me. I hope that they find the answer soon.

  3. Hope you start feeling better Ella!

  4. Oh dear, hope you find your starch again soon!

  5. I sincerely hope it isn't mono. Get better soon!

  6. FEEL BETTER dear! i really hope it isn't mono! xoxo

  7. Aww. My husband got mono and it can take ages to recover as an adult! Lots of rest and be sure to google "spoon theory" as it helps explain to people why you suddenly disappear. :) xxxxxx feel better poppet.