Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekend update...

So, we didn't do a picnic even though it was crazy insane hot (in the 70s) here.

We opted to sleep in instead.  Since I'm still fighting the ick, I didn't argue.

I had trouble getting focused today.

So, my list didn't get done.

I did finish as much of the hand quilting as I'm going to do on the How Far Will You Go quilt.  (Seriously, I could keep quilting it forever.)

quilted and bound!

 closeup closeup closeup

I also got the binding machine sewed on the Postage Stamp quilt.  No pics of that.  It will get done this week sometime.

Pinbasted the scrap vomit.  That thing was a BEAST to pin baste.

Scrap Vomit #1, basted

I should have taken pictures of the back which is this gaudy pink and chartreuse Hawaiian shirt material.  It's so hideous that I love it.  Plus, it was like $12 for all six yards.  The Pirate said it would be a lovely picnic quilt.  Which I think was his way of saying it's busy!

I still have to finish my long overdue Running With Scissors block....but it's going to have to wait til tomorrow, since my attention was crap today.

Because Jess co-sponsored the lovely QAL that the top quilt was from, I wanted to repost an appeal she made:

In the last week, we have had some major bush fires in Tasmania, and over 200 homes have been destroyed or severely damaged. I'm organising a quilt appeal to donate quilts to the kids who've been affected by the fires.
All the pertinent information is in this blog post:
If you could spread the word I would really, really appreciate it.

In addition to this, The Handmade Library is hosting an auction of handmade items. If you would like to donate something or publicise this, it would be greatly appreciated. THe Facebook group can be found here:

If any of you want to help or bid, please check it out!


  1. Thank you Ella! Oh and I'm even more in love with your QAL quilt than ever - sooooo beautiful.

  2. Bless you in hand quilting the QAL piece! That's a lot of beastie seams. Very pretty fabrics.

  3. Well you've been nice and busy at least! Loving the sound of the Hawaiian backing too :oD

  4. Your quilt is fantastic! I really love your scrap vomit quilt too, I would love to make one of those one day!

  5. Isn't hand quilting just the most relaxing thing? I've been itching to do some, and have a project planned for it in March, if I can hold out that long. Your quilt is beautiful! I'm so sorry about more fires. It seems like everyone has just recovered, mostly from previous fires followed by floods, and now more fires!