Monday, January 21, 2013

Crazy Productive...

Well, I haven't gotten all I planned to do this weekend done.

Saturday, I was so queasy that The Pirate made me lie down for a few hours on the sofa.  I think it was virus #2 on top of antibiotic #2.  Ugh.

There was also a bit of "ooooo...shiny" syndrome.
I got caught up on my blocks for the Sisters' Ten.

Sisters BOM, Jan.

I didn't get Pile O'Fabric's blocks done yet.

I decided to put my nose to the grindstone instead and hunker down on some UFOs.

To that end,  I finished quilting and putting the binding on the Scrap Vomit.  (#1 at least)

Scrap Vomit #1

I did the two pillows to match it.

Scrap Vomit pillow #1

Scrap Vomit pillow #1

Scrap Vomit pillow #2

Scrap Vomit Pillow #2

I finally got the binding on the Postage Stamp quilt.

Postage Stamp Quilt

I quilted and bound the Mystery Quilt.

Mystery Quilt done!

I did the Christmas bunting for my mom that matches her Christmas tree skirt.

Xmas bunting

I pieced the Monster Quilt.  It still needs to be pinbasted, quilted, and bound, as does the Rainbow Skillbuilder.  Honestly, the only reason they aren't done yet is I had to go in to work and paint.

Three lollipop tree flats for the class play...oh, and much shopping for props and costumery still to do, but some done.

The washer guy fixed the belt on the washer.  We took the recycling to the center.

AND....I got my Save the Date cards finally addressed to mail.

Yup....CRAZY amounts of stuff done.



  1. Woah, you're sick and you still get that much done? Love the sisters blocks, I'm thinking I might have to join that one :o)

  2. And all while not feeling great? Wow lady, just wow! I can imagine all that you can get done when you are feeling like your normal self.

  3. I wish I could get that much done over the weekend! Great job on all of your projects.

  4. awesome work. i was super productive yesterday! i made two bee blocks and finished my sisters purse. tonight and tomorrow are going to be super productive also! xo lets chat tonight!

  5. Not much at all then ;o) Hope you're feeling better now