Sunday, December 9, 2012

Catching up...

I still have a crazy long 100 day Hustle and 4th Quarter FAL list.
I've faced the reality that it's not all getting done.
Partly because more stuff is being added to the list.

On for today:
finishing the journal covers
working on mom's Christmas tree skirt
working on either the hand quilting of the HFWYG quilt or the Hexy MF

Voting is also open for the Travelin Pic blog hop.
I'm #4 in the Americas group.

While I'd love it if you vote for me, I'd also love for you to check out all the amazing work from around the world.  It's totally solidified my obsession with EPP and gotten me back on gear with the Hexy MF.

Also...trying to stuff in one more giveaway tonight!


  1. Ah yes, that moment when the list meets reality, such a PITA! Oh well, I'm sure what you get done will be appreciated ragardless

  2. It must be hard for such an over-achiever as yourself to have things go un-done ;-) C'mon! You have gotten a TON done this year, take the long look back and be impressed with yourself! Oh and are you on Instagram? Looked for you but no luck...

  3. Dude I can't believe how much you get done! I swear you mustn't sleep ;o)