Tuesday, November 6, 2012

An evil alliance...

so, election drama aside today...and it was a lot of drama, no matter who you were rooting for...
I came home from work to an incredibly gross surprise.

The evil tuxedo kitty had taken the pill pockets (that i forgot to put upstairs) off the counter.
Her intention was to eat them.
The cocker spaniel intercepted her.


What followed must have been like a scene from the Exorcist because he threw up:

on the cat scratch tower,
in the kitchen,
in the hallway,
on the living room rug....
and on the quilt and blanket on the bed upstairs.

He appears to be ok now.  He had to get bathed.  He'll have to have his teeth brushed tonight.

So..the quilt I thought I'd finish today didn't get finished.
Tomorrow will hopefully be picture laden...with blocks AND a quilt.

Yup, I said it.

Other random updates:
No knee surgery needed.  Just P.T.
Killed the car battery on Halloween.  Totally lucked out that it was just the 12v that died and that the hybrid battery was ok.  Downer, had to pay for a new one and my car still smells like stinky lemon pledge.
Also, I have eaten all the M&Ms I had hoarded and have regained 2 lbs as a result...I have to get back on track.

How are y'all doing this week?


  1. You appear to have handled that Exorcist vomit pretty well. I think I would have walked back outside and went and bought a new house. Excited for quilty updates!

  2. Another bit of ammunition for my anti-pet campaign!
    Glad you don't need surgery though xxx

  3. Aw your dog saved your cat what brotherly love. I hope your next week goes better!

  4. Hurray for now knee surgery!! So sorry about the clean-up duty:S

  5. I have the visual! thanks for that! I keep the pill pockets under lock and key. LOL! Yay for no surgery! I think the M&M's were medicinal!

  6. Wow what a nice surprise to come home to!

  7. Whew, finally caught up to you! I started at the end and worked up, and you hadn't posted for a few days ;o) Had to turn off chat too while I waded, it's kind of like going through molasses in hobnail boots, ahhh, the side effect of anal retentiveness... Anywho, sorry to hear about the dog, but yay for physio rather than surgery on the knee!

  8. Oh no!! What a sucktacular way to end your day! I feel your pain though. One day I came home to what must have been a violent bout of diarrhea...she tried to make it to the tile but she failed...4 times. (She's such a good dog too...and a neat freak...I imagine she was mortified.) It was soaked into the area rug but at least it was confined to one room. I think the worst part was waiting for that smell to become unstuck from my nose. Anyway...sending hugs...or a stiff drink...you can pick!

  9. Oh my goodness :( What a week! Ok, I'm going to focus on the bright side, no knee surgery!!! I'm glad the dog is ok too. Hopefully the week has improved immensely!!!