Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fresh Sewing Day June.

Today started off lovely!
Coffee with Allegory.  Plans to sew.
Then when I got home, the power went out.
It's um over 100 (like 105? 108?) here in Atlanta.
Not so nice.
So after giving the animals ice water and packing the fridge with ice, we headed out to the movies.
Finally saw "Brave."  I loved it.  Cried.  Ate some chocolate (which I recorded on my points).
Now I'm back home, and the power is back on.
And I still (still, dammit) have 4 jewels to sew.
I may just power through and stay up all night just to get them done.

Here's my mosaic for June:


I got a lot done.  (Some of which isn't pictured here)
I have a HUGE list for July, including two quilt alongs, a throwdown, and many projects for a Rachel's hand sewing class.

Hrm.  I am having faith I can handle it all.
and Zumba.

Oh, and tomorrow I'm going machine shopping.  At least that's the plan.

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  1. I just wanted to say that I giggle every time I see your blog name pop up on a link up. Nicely done. :)

  2. Wow that is a lot of finishes! Great job. Lol a throwdown..that sounds rather funny! =D

  3. Oh man! It's been pretty hot here too. We had a few 100 degree days last week. I can't imagine it without power too. I hope you're staying cool.

  4. Oh no power is not good any time, even in winter!
    You had a great month though x

  5. No power = No good but glad it came back. You definitely accomplished a lot last month. Nice job.

  6. good luck on the machine shopping!!!

  7. Well done, hope you're now suitable bejewelled :oD

  8. Good for you! Your projects look great

  9. I never can believe how many amazing things you make, Ella! I'm looking forward to making headway with some of the handstitched projects, too!

  10. Visiting from Fresh Sewing Day. What a great mosaic of projects - you have lots to be proud of. Enjoyed the visit. Hope there is some respite from the hot temps for you soon!