Wednesday, November 9, 2011

WIP Wed 11.9.11

I'm plugging away on bee blocks.
Or at least I was.
Right now I'm just tired.
A lotta dancing.
Not enough sleep.
I'm not handling the time shift well. I think I need to reup my vitamin D intake.

Here's the blocks that are completed:
Nubees, Hive #1, Nov for nybird
Nubees, Hive #1, Nov for Safiya
4x5 hive #9 for The Busy Bean
3x6, HIve #9, Q4, for scrapstudio

This one has to be redone...I fluffed a seam.
Nubee Hive #1, Nov for Five Baht Elephant

Here's the stack of undone bits. My goal is to get them sewn up by Sat and prep my Dead Simple to quilt.
blocks in progress!
I think I have around 15 total to do. I'm waiting for some black fabric and some oomph. Maybe Fri. Tomorrow will be more dancing and a date with the dentist to get my tooth looked at. I'm praying it's an easy fix. I hate getting my teeth messed with....

To Do:
Last week's skill builder block
New Bee block for Nov.
3x6 blocks for hive #9
4x5 blocks
Dead Simple (to sammich and quilt)
Swap charms to cut (not for the black, white & grey swap)
Swap charms to sort
Nubees Nov blocks
Monkey quilt (waiting to be assembled)
Mom's quilt....still looking for a long arm quilter....

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  1. Love the scrappy/wonky stars!! Thanks for coming to visit my blog as well. :)

  2. Wow! You are a super busy girl! I'm working on wonky stars right now, too!

  3. Love your stars! :) Good luck at the dentist... I hate going myself.

  4. Messed up seam or not, I love that one on the black background!

  5. your patchwork wonky stars are awesome! I wish I could force myself to do wonky, but whenever I try, I end up trying to straighten it...


  6. When you find that oomph send some my way (if you have some to spare that is!). Your bee blocks are looking great! I love the fabric combos :)

  7. your stars are looking good - hope everything went ok for you at the dentist

  8. Love the stars -- such great color choices!

  9. Right there with you the darned time change, it's evil! I love those star blocks of yours :) I hope your visit to the dentist was painless and unventful!

  10. I love the block with the blue flower in the middle! They are all great. It will be a great quilt.

  11. I love wonky stars, and yours are beautiful!

  12. Such pretty wonky stars! I keep thinking I have to try that block sometime - doing it with the black and white solids is a great idea!

  13. Love your wornky star in the aqua and red, beautiful. Can't wait to see them all in a quilt. I bet is will be amazing.

  14. I like this design too...especially that each star is a bit different on the points.

  15. Your stars are so pretty and the fabric is fun!

  16. Pretty star blocks. I like the bright colors.

  17. Love the wonky stars! Great colors, too. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  18. Love the wonky stars, I just made some Christmas ones myself!

  19. I love your wonky stars, i have been tempted to try my hand at them one day! You are involved in so many bees and swaps, how fun, aye?