Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Charmed Prints catch up.

Uh...yeah. You may have noticed I had a button for the charmed prints QAL.
Yes, I'm a QAL whore.
And I'm behind.
I picked out my fabric.
In attempt to deal with my travel stress, I sewed tonight.
Greek Cross
Star Block
I caught up, but I don't like the pinwheel block. I have to redo those.
They came out too small.

This one is going as a belated birthday/Xmas present to a dear one who needs some love right now.
Charmed Prints QAL layout

I still have a lot of catching up to do...see I never cut the pieces the week we were supposed to..and this is supposed to be the quilt assembly week. I'll try to make it up next week.
Tonight I spent:
panic attacking (not quite, but my anxiety level is definitely up)
making lists
making more lists
photo-editing headshots for an audition
pretending to write my resume for the audition
doing laundry
trying to figure out how to cram all my allergy related needs into one small roller bag
and to also stuff in a pair of winter boots
I am going to pack knitting bc I have to keep my hands busy at the airport....


Unknown said...

hehe, I have the button for it as well! I 'picked' the fabric in that I plan on using the charms from the many color swaps with some kona black. And, that is as far as I've gotten! I hope that I am also able to get this done; most likely not before the deadline, but oh well!

Hoping you get all you need packed! Good luck with audition!

Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

Oh, I love those fabrics and the blocks are so cute! Good luck with your audition and with getting everything packed, etc. xo

YC said...

I'm just astounded at all the QALs you find (and it's probably just the subset you chose to follow). So fun though!