Monday, September 19, 2011

It's a Monday.

I started today off by oversleeping.
I made it to work on time, but just barely.

I had to leave work early to go to the dermatologist. New theory. It's eczema. New medicine. Praying it tired of being painfully peely and itchy.

I bought some supplies for the Misfit Quilters Hoopla.
I have yet to ponder a design.

When I got home, I pieced together the girl version of the Across the Sea QAL.
It took a while, but I really like it. I wanted to pin baste that sucker already, but it may have to wait until Friday.
quilt back

Kraken had fun sitting on it. (She was actually begging for dinner. Bad cat mom was late on a meal.)
Quilt back and Kraken

I was properly admonished.

I worked on dad's quilt.
The top is totally done, save for pressing.
The back is now pieced, but needs to be pressed and sliced open.
I also got the binding tape made.
See, here are the bits:
Dad's quilt top
dad's quilt back (pre-slicing)

I'm actually dying to pin baste it and get to quilting. If I can finish this week, I'm going to enter it in the Celebrate Color show.

On the to do list:
*Finish dad's quilt (pin baste, quilt, bind)
*Baste Across the Sea QAL girl version
*Choose a design for The Misfit Quilters Hoopla
*Choose a design for the Sewn Spaces pincushion swap
*Make the belt pieces for the Scrap Bag competition (I may or may not bother finishing the prototype...I kind of feel this will either work or it won' all those grommets are making me blue.) Any advice?


  1. Doing good. Hope the itchies go soon x

  2. Hi, Kraken! Such a cute kitty. Both of your in-progress quilts are lovely! I'm crossing my fingers that the new diagnosis is correct!

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  4. You probably had a better day than me. I have managed to catch a cold :( Like the colours of your dad's quilt.

  5. I was hoping to finish the bak of the quilt tonight...lets see. Looks great!

  6. I just love that cat ;-) And those crosses look great together on the back!

  7. My cat is the exact same way! I love that 1001 Peeps quilt, it's going to be great!