Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Works in Progress 8.3.11

I haven't done any sewing today. I painted part of my classroom.
I'm "organizing". Really, I'm trying not to freak out while waiting for the electrician.
I'm nervous about what he might tell me. We're starting to wonder if either everything in the house was miswired or a local lightning strike caused some kind of damage.

So, I took pictures:

My finished big item for my Make Mine Modern swap partner. (I don't think she reads my blog, so I think it's ok to post here.)

3x6 blocks for half of the hive (I did a 4th but made a boo boo and have to seam rip):
3x6 blocks

Here's my in progress Skill Builder (caught up as of right now):
Skill builder in progress

Kona I pulled for my Modern Block of the Month:
stash for Modern Block Quilt

I still need to start my Love of Solids swap item....
And put borders on mom's quilt.
I'm going to be home most of the day either waiting for the dog or watching the dog post tooth pulling....I'm going to sew a lot tomorrow.

Also, because I refuse to take myself too seriously...someone asked about how you organize your projects. Here's my method:
my "organization"

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  1. Big smile at your show-and-tell of your projects organization. :) I love so much seeing the ultra-tidy, super-organized pictures of some people's sewing studios, but it's so refreshing to see people share looser styles that are more like mine. I don't feel so alone!

  2. I use a fancier version of "piles," called "containers," for my project organization - I have a bunch of cheap, plastic, shoebox-sized containers from Target - each project gets its own box, until it's too big to fit...then it sits on top of the box. Or something like that! :)

    Love the WIPs!

  3. Smiling: well that's one way to organise your projects! LOL

    Hope the electrician brought good news.

  4. i live by piles too! paper, fabric, and all sorts of stuff... my piles migrate from table to table which can be quite, um, the adventure. Came across your blog via the small blog, can't wait to see how your projects progress!