Monday, August 1, 2011

PIcking up steam again?!

Just an intro because I'm linking up to this:
Small Blog Meet

I'm Ella! I just rediscovered quilting this summer on my vacation from teaching (which shall be over very very soon...already restocking my room). I've been going at it hardcore. Joined a few bees and swaps. Having a blast thus far...mostly. It's hot in Atlanta. I'm enjoying staying in the A/C, sewing with a best friend, wallowing in fabrics...and occasionally self doubt about my design choices (especially for swaps).

Am I picking up steam again?
I'm not sure, but I finished Row 5 on the Rockin Robin quilt along. I won't lie. I like looking at hexagons, but I am not a huge fan of basting.
Rockin Robin, hexagon rows

I even got excited and finished the top.
completed top
I really really like it.
I'm thinking probably a solid back. I don't have much left of my gaudy fabrics. I'm not even sure I have enough to make scrappy bias tape....which I would love. It's a bummer that my machine only straight line quilts. Hrm. Must ponder.

I also started my 3x6 blocks. I have 3 done and the forth sitting in my sewing area, waiting to be assembled. But right now, I'm going to snag some dinner.


  1. Hello, I'm Lynne. I've joined SNBMU too.

    I love your quilt top - so bright and set off beautifully by the solid background.

  2. So happy for your finish!!!! It's beautiful.

  3. Hi Ella. Love your blog title! That's how I feel most days when my quilting goes awry! Your quilt is amazing.

  4. I can tell from your color selection that I will look forward to seeing your blog grow as you get re-addicted to quilting.

  5. It is horrid hot in Atlanta. I'm melting. Love those hexies!

  6. Hi< just joined the small blog meet up, love the fabrics your using your quilt looks fantastic!

  7. such a nice quilt! I've joined the SNBMU too. :) Come and have a look!

  8. Hi Ella, thanks for leaving a comment! I love the top you made cause I love bright colors on black backgrounds ;-)

  9. Saw your blog over at Lily's. What an amazing quilt you're finishing. Looking forward to see more :)

  10. Hi I just joined from Lily's blog. I love your shapes and colours.