Friday, June 24, 2011

36 before 37...

So, this isn't an original idea, but I liked it.

I'll be hitting 37 in August.

Here are 36 things I'd like to do before I turn 37:

1.  Finish the quilts I have in progress.  (Does that count as 4 things?)
2.  Take and post actual pictures of the crafty items I've completed as of late.  (ie.  this summer)
3.  Clean the library/cat room.
4.  Learn how to give the dog a proper bath (and have him semi-cooperative).
5.  Find a hamburger place in town that doesn't leave me hivey.
6.  Make exactly the right sour cherry soup recipe.
7.  Try making other fruit soups.
8.  Dye dance veils.
9.  Get better at poi.  (Maybe with veil poi as a reward?)
10.  See the laser light show at Stone Mountain.  (Yes, I've lived in GA for over a decade and haven't seen it.)
12.  Have one of my friends over for a fancy-ish dinner.
13.  Tell 5 friends how much they've changed my life.
14.  Make a dent in that book bin in the dining room.
15.  Keep a record of what I read this summer to compare with my kids in the fall.
16.  Look for a place to put up a photo show from the Hungary/Czech republic pics.
17.  Go on a photoshoot.
18.  Actually block all the knitted lace I have done.
19.  Try to teach the Kraken to let mommy sleep all night.
20.  Play fetch a little every day with Kraken (when I'm in town.)
21.  Start saving for a nice sewing machine.  (at least a little...see #22)
22.  Research a new washer and dryer before this set dies.
23.  Figure out how to do a custom header on this blog.
24.  Get a couple of my IRL friends to follow me.  (Ie.  Admit I have a blog.)
25.  Write some poetry.
26.  Balance my checkbook more regularly.
27.  Find a purple nail polish I like.
28.  Wear my contacts more frequently.
29.  Get in the habit of wearing lipstick or at least tinted chapstick.
30.  Learn to keep smiling while dancing.
31.  Practice shimmying for the shimmyathon (try to break my old personal best of 42 minutes).  (Do this even though Shimmyathon is post poned til 2012.)
32.  Do some yoga.
33. TBA
34. TBA
35. TBA
36. TBA

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  1. I like that idea but I would have to come up with 45 things and that is a lot! It should become less the older you get or maybe we could include 10 things from each decade we already lived that are done??? I just joined the Misfit Quilters Swap too, so look forward to hearing more from you.